Unity Ads Itunes connect IDFA?

I need to know if im using unity ads, when i publish to apple do i have to select YES or NO in the IDFA Question?

Thank you.

See this answer by a Unity employee on this forum thread.

Answer is YES, here is more details I found: http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/ios-submission-with-unityads-what-should-idfa-setting-be.316312/#post-2098761

Same question here.

There is a reference to IDFA in the Unity Ads documentation here - Track installs with a server-to-server integration, but this only seems applicable for advertisers, not publishers. So my guess is that Unity uses the IDFA but we as publishers do not. So we would answer, “No” in iTunes Connect when submitting the app.

Yes, Unity Ads does use the IDFA.