Unity Ads Monetize get started loop

Hi. I've just recently wanted to start looking into adding ads for monetization for the game I'm developing. I followed the basic "Get started with Unity Ads" tutorial provided by Unity, but when I get to the monetization page of my dashboard I'm presented with the about page advertising Unity Monetize and a Get Started button. When I click this and follow the steps, "I don’t plan to use Mediation, only Unity Ads" option, "My app is not live yet" option, then it gives me the OK saying "Project created successfully" and it shows my game IDs. I click finish project setup, and then nothing happens. I'm taken back to the about page, nothing has changed. I try clicking on Ad Units to start setting them up and it just redirects to the about page. I can't go to the settings, testing, none of the buttons work they all just redirect to this about page. I've attempted doing the Get Started process about 10 times but it seems like nothing is actually happening.



Here you can even see me clicking on Ad Units and it just shows this page.

I am having the exact same error and I have no idea why this is happening o.o

yes i face this problem

I had the same problem

same here


I have exactly the same problem

I'm having the same issue

Same problem here as well

I had the same problem

Anybody got solution to this? I cannot get through this modal!

Just checked on the Unity page now and I think they have resolved the issue

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im facing this issue now, can unity help to resolve this issue please?

I also have this problem and I can't get any Ad IDs!

I have this problem too

This problem is caused by a configuration issue, and it won't happen with new projects now, we are currently working on it. For old projects with this issue, we can change the configuration for these projects manually, please kindly contact the Unity Ads Support team to do so. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

I have tried it with a new project as well. But it didn't work. I am facing the same problem. Kindly guide me to resolve it.

[quote=“KushalDhardwivedi”, post:17, topic: 894423]
I have tried it with a new project as well. But it didn’t work. I am facing the same problem. Kindly guide me to resolve it.
This issue should have been fixed now, please kindly try it again, if the problem persists, please open a ticket for further investigation.

I have the same problem and it has been 7 months. Why is it that it's so hard for Unity to make a decent ad system? First I try to use the LevelPlay which is horrible and had no success. And now even the Dashboard does not work when trying with the legacy package. I think Unreal is the only option left