Unity Ads not showing after some ads

Hello everybody,

I just finished my game however there is an advertisement issue I am facing now. I have a reset button in my game and whenever users want to reset their game they click on it. In every 2 clicks, unity ads show an advertisement. However, after 5-7 seven ads, unity stops showing more ads until the user quit the application.
Btw ads are interstitial ads. Not a reward ad. And my reset button has no cooldown.

So, what I thought is as it happens in reward ads unity prepare ads and show them to the user. So, there is a cooldown here. Is it the same in interstitial ads as well? Sorry for being ignorant :smiley: I am a bit new to advertisement subjects.

Btw, my scripts and packages are fine. There is nothing wrong with them. Because I use same scripts in my other games but they have no reset button ^^

Thank you for your help.

Any ideas?

Found any fix?