unity ads showing only unity logo

I am just using Unity ads for the first time and the ads is working right but the problem which i dont actually know if it is a problem. I built my game to test it and my ads shows one kind of ad all the time both the rewarded and video ads and that is the unity ads logo displaying i thought it should be some kind of fun ads. i don’t want that kind of stuff. i don’t want to publish my game and have it play such ads always.

That’s normal behaviour in the editor for Unity Ads. You will never see real ads.

If you build your project and put it on a test device, you must not use real Ads either as your account can be temporarily banned for false impressions.

To avoid this add your device as a test device using it’s advertising ID. You will see that Unity video/image on the device too.

We’ve published a couple of games to Android and IOS with Unity Ads, and real devices always show the proper ads, when they are not test devices.