Unity Ads System doubt

Hello i was watching the Unity 5 presentation video and i saw a part that showed the Crossy Road and they said that the Crossy Road creator has earned 1 million using Unity Ads but for iOS.

My doubt is, can i use this Unity Ads system or something like that to earn money as well with my game being created especifically to PC Machines?

Does unity have a support for Desktop Computer Games to use the Unity Ads or Another Ads System?

As of now Unity ads support only:

  • iOS v4.0 and up.
  • Android v2.3 and up.

You are free to use any other ad network you like. You’ll just need c#/java/Boo API or to create such API yourself if it doesn’t exist. All other restrictions (including platforms) you should check in respective Ad network.

To find out ad networks use search engines, here is just the first result AppAdX, I have no idea of their model and restrictions but right on the front page they claim “support Java-based applications”.