Unity Ads vs AdMob 2022

Hello Developers,
what platform do you use to monetize your mobile games?
I have some issues with my AdMob Account so I use only Unity Ads in the last 3 years.
Do I miss something or is it okay just with Unity Ads?
I feel like it’s good for me and the revenues are decent.
Here are my Average eCPM for all games in the last 14 days in the United States:
Interstitial 6.67$
Rewarded 8.61$
Banner 0.22$

iOS: Interstitial & Rewarded around 10$

In Germany eCPM is around 3 - 3.50$ and 4- 4.50$ for iOS

I’m curious what are your eCPM’s on AdMob ? And do you think Unity Ads eCPM’s will eventually grow because of the partnership with IronSource ?

Ads revenue drops each day, should work on a nice game & sale for 1$ to 9$ that is better thn ads.

Hi anyone please give some thoughts ? Is Unity Ads performance improved since Ironsource integration ?

And is Admob still the better choice ?

Thank you.

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On my case the performance of unity ads got worse since the start of the year, a drop of about 40% of the revenue.
The overall ecpm of my apps used to be 1$ to 1,5$ and now 0,70$ to 0,50$.

Currently trying the unity levelplay aka ironsource levelplay mediation to see if i get any improvement.

Can't say much about admob yet, started testing it a few days ago with the mediation setup.

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January-February always goes down in ecpm because advertisers spend less after Christmas.

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But has Unity ad performance been better since Ironsource ? (They merged in November)
Edit: Just read through what @Victor-N suggested - so Unity ads are still a separate tool from Ironsource’s Levelplay (Now Unity’s Levelplay). If possible could you update us with the performance results of Levelplay ?

I have read on multiple pages that Admob generates more money? So am curious has Unity+Ironsource has made Unity on same level as Admob.

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November was when i started seing a drop from the 1$ ecpm here, the most dramatic drop came at the second half of december/start of january to the 0,70 - 0,50.
Probably there must be other factors that contribute like the world crysis and all that... so i'm not sure if the merge is the only culprit for the ecpm drop.

I switched to levelplay at the beggining of the month, so its a bit too early to celebrate any results from it... But from day 01 to day 23 with unity ads and the ironsource network getting most of the impressions, the ecpm were on average 0,80 its certainly better than the 0,50 i was getting using only unity ads. So far i'm happy with the results that i'm getting there.
Added other networks too, like admob and meta audience network both have less than a week on the mediation setup so its too early to take any conclusion on them.

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Hi how has Feb and March been on LevelPlay? If I understand correct you used LevelPlay’s waterfall mediation ? Have you considered bidding approach ?

Ironsource documentation regarding LevelPlay inapp bidding partner networks: