[Unity Affiliate] Where to get affiliate id?

There's no subforum for Affiliate, so i guess current one is fine.

Which id should i use in the linkmaker?
When i open the User/Settings page (https://phgconsole.performancehorizon.com/v2/settings/user) i can see there are 2 id's, and both are looking usable: User id (the topmost line) and User access rights id (the bottom-most line).
Just askin to be sure i'm using the correct one.

if you go to creative tab, create one link, can see it (at the bottom direct link)

Where is the "creative tab"? There is no such tab in the settings or affiliate page.

or maybe its not visible until account accepted?

for me its,
then if click that "create link", on that page can see referral id in the link


Ok. that helped a lot. My UI is in spanish, and instead of translating it to "creativo", they translated it from "advertising material". Confusing. Thanks!!!

So the answer to the first user is that the ID is not ANY of those two in the settings page. The only way to see it is creating the link, as mgear said.