Unity & 3D Model Animation(s)

Hi all,

I am currently producing some assets for an app i’m making, and I have a 3d model which is comprised of 6 separate pieces. 3 of these 3d objects need to animate independently of eachother as 2 separate sequences (turning on sequence, and turning off sequence). Since the 3 objects animate independently, they cannot be combined as one 3d mesh (so i believe).

My question is: could someone please help me understand how I would get my final, animated model (comprised of 6 different meshes) into Unity? I know vaguely that I can export to FBX, but does this work when I have 6 different meshes making up the model, with 3 of these meshes having their own animation cycles?

Thanks a lot for your advice :wink:


You probably should try first and see what goes wrong. Unity can import multiple models with their own animations, but it sounds like these separate pieces have to have different animations triggered by script. If so you could:

  1. use one Animation component and use AddMixingTransform for marking different parts
  2. use multiple Animation components for each part