Unity Analytics and IDFA,Unity Analytics and iTunes Connect IDFA form

I’m trying to submit a game to the iOS app store. I have Unity Analytics turned on, but no other service. I don’t have any ads in the game, neither Unity Ads not 3rd party.

iTunes connect claims that the binary is using the Advertising Identifier (IDFA). I was under the impression that Unity Analytics didn’t use IDFA. Does it?

If so, what should I answer to the following form:

This app uses the Advertising
Identifier to (select all that apply):

-Serve advertisements within the app

-Attribute this app installation to a
previously served advertisement

-Attribute an action taken within this
app to a previously served

I don’t think any of the options apply since I don’t have any ads. However, it won’t let me submit without selecting at least one.

Update: I tried submitting a new build with Analytics turned off as well. Now I have just a plain build with no services turned on, but iTunes Connect still says it’s using IDFA. Is this expected? How can I get rid of the IDFA usage?