Unity Analytics and Privacy Policies?

Unity Analytics would be very nice for my new app so I could more easily figure out what people like and don’t like, but I want to avoid putting a privacy policy, since I am terrible at legal stuff. I was wondering, does Unity Analytics share any private information that would make it necessary to include a privacy policy in my game?

BTW, I don’t need to use Unity Analytics, but IAP requires it.

Hi @DevLuke,

Our Unity Analytics Terms of Service describes how the data in your app may be used. Here is the language that may be most helpful for your question.

“DATA LICENSE. You grant to Unity a worldwide, nonexclusive, royalty-free, fully paid, irrevocable license to collect, access, transmit, store and use the Data as needed to provide the Analytics and IAP Services to you and in connection with any other lawful business purpose of Unity or its affiliates, both during your use of the Analytics and IAP Services and thereafter. Unity will not disclose your Data to any third party in a form that would permit the identification of you or Your Project Content or that would identify any individual as a user of any of Your Project Content; provided Unity may disclose Data as required pursuant legal process (of which Unity will endeavor to timely notify you). Unity will employ commercially reasonable measures to safeguard the collection, transmission and storage of your Data.”
Unity Analytics Terms of Service