Unity Analytics - How do you find the total number of all the integers that were reported?

If I have integer called “games_played” for example, I want to report to the analytics system that the user has played 1 game. If I have another device that has also played a game, then that device would report 1 too, and lets say I have another device, so that makes 3 devices that have all played 1 game.

Is it possible to look on my analytics dashboard and see that 3 games total have been played?

I don’t want to see how many devices have played 1 game, I want to know if it is possible to see the total number of all the integers combined that were reported.
This number on the dashboard can tell me how many games have been played ever.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Dollar Fish,

If you want to know how many people sent a particular event such as…

Analytics.CustomEvent("games_played"), 1);

you can create a segment that uses this event. The segment will then show you how many different players sent this event.


Let me know if this answers your question.