Unity analytics validator not showing in unity editor

I want to use funnels in my game but in the servies analytics section there is no validator is showing i also attached151941-e9200d53-860e-4b3b-b872-a6fca80d8f7b.jpeg image

The removed it in January.


I’m having the same issue here ! . Any solution on this ?

In the Unity Manual, I could only find reference of the validator in the Legacy Analytics section so I am assuming this was removed but I did not find anything official .

Having the same need. I enabled Analytics on my project, and play the game on the editor but I don’t see any data showing in the dashboard. I am not using custom events; just hoping to get core events.

Any idea what other extra step I need to do so I can see data in the dashboard?

why the useful feature is removed, cannot understand. current version Editor test the unity analytic not work. hope unity can add this function back.