Unity and ARMv6 with VFP, how to downgrade from Unity 4.x to Unity 3.5.x? How to use both Unity without errors and issues?

Hi there!

I have been using Unity 4.3.4f1 for a long time and made games for ARMv7 till now.
I, however, made pretty small 2D games with very low complexity on scene.
So, I can make the game run smoothly on ARMv6 with VFP devices.

So, I have downloaded Unity 3.5.7 but, I get the following build error when I try to make an apk for a dummy scene.

Error building Player: Exception: android (invokation failed)
ERROR: unknown error
cmd:android list target -c
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
	at SDKMain.main(SDKMain.java:62)

I have:

Java 7
Android SDK r22

So, I googled all the error, and found that I need
Android SDK r21, but it’s all a year ago!

So, long story cut short, I need to run my game for
ARMv6 devices, and my games are pretty small 2d games.

No complex scenes required.

So, what are the steps required to fully integrate Unity 3.5.X
or any version to run my games for ARMv6 devices.

Please do tell me what I need to fully make games for ARMv6 devices with Unity 3.5.7.
Like what version of Java is needed? What Android SDK revision is needed? And, you know?

I’m the dumb guy right now!! I already have an ARMv6 with VFP device in my hand. And, it’s so frustrating that I can’t make a game for something I have in my hand.

Note:: I can build for ARMv7 with Unity 4.3.4 and Android SDK revision 22, and had no issues with it so far.

But, I want to build for ARMv6 also. It still covers a lot of the market. I looked over the forums, and it required Unity 3.5.x, so I downloaded Unity 3.5.7 and it is installed.

I then tried to build a dummy scene and make an apk file. But the above error popped.
I re-googled again the error, and found the solution:: USE Android SDK revision 21.

But, still the error persists!!

So, disregarding all this, I am now forced to start a new thread!

What do I really need in full to make Android ARMv6 with VFP games with Unity?

Like version of Unity(I know 4.x don’t work for that)
Java version, Android SDK versions, etc.

Keep it simple for me, I get confused easily.

Also, Can I not use Java 7 with Unity 3.5.x for ARMv6 or why I cannot use Android SDK rev 22 for the ARMv6 builds? I know they work for ARMv7 devices with Unity 4.3.4f1, but no luck with Unity 3.5.7?

Please ARMv6 developers, help me out on this issue.

Kind regards,

EDIT:: Problem solved by changing the Java version to JDK6. Also, some files needed to be swapped to Android SDK rev 21. Problem solved by self!

I am also trying to make game work for arm v6 simple game…like you said it still covers a large part of the market. specially in developing countries.

I was thinking of dropping unity, since they cut out v6.
but i like unity . is too bad.

I will try to follow your solution.
You would not happen to have a tutorial on that would ya?

Lot of Unity people would be grateful :slight_smile: