unity and blender

hey everyone this is a question about unity and blender, i was wandering how to get the correct scale size in unity match that of blender?

i know blenders dimensions are the actual scale size in unity, but if i use this my scale will be 0.5 which is not very good to work with. anyone know the easiest permanent solution to this

Here is an excellent tutorial on exporting objects from Blender into Unity:


It contains a lot of detail about matching the output of Blender to what is expected in Unity. The scale in Blender of 1 blender unit matches the scale in Unity of 1 meter. If you are finding that when you import an object into Unity and the scales don’t match, check that you haven’t applied a scale at the Blender object. Blender objects should have no rotation, scale. Their meshes should 100% describe their nature.

I think when you scall your object to: 1,1,1 (x,y,z) it gives you the good size.
But maybe you want it bigger so 1,1,1 is the normal size and you can make it bigger.
If the 3 numbers are the same you get a goot shape, if 1 is like5 and the others are 1 you get a really weird object.

In Blender if you resize the cube from 2x2x2 to 1x1x1, you’ll have a scale of .5 x .5 x .5
Apply the transformation to the object (Ctrl + A) and you’ll have a 1x1x1 Scale object with dimensions 1x1x1.

This is just the way the workflow works. You should -always- be applying transforms before export anyway (and yes, saving the file and letting unity import is the same as exporting).

1 Blender Unit = 1 Unity Unit = 1metre. 1 Default Unity Cube = 1m^3 1 Default Blender cube = 2m^3

If you’re modeling a character or a weapon or anything like that, you’re going to have change the size and scale of the primitives (assuming you’re box modeling) anyway, very few things in the world are a 1metre perfect box/ball/monkey head.

I found this which fixed my problem with my meshes coming into unity sideways. Rotation when importing from Blender - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions

Another thing I found for scaling is when you import it into unity, click the mesh and in the ‘Inspector’ under the ‘Model’ tab, make sure the ‘Scale Factor’ is set to 1 (for some reason it’s set to 0.01).
Hope that helps, good luck.