Unity and External Version Control

I’ve recently uploaded a copy of my Unity project to my Cornerstone SVN. I’ve followed the steps instructed here http://unity3d.com/support/documentation/Manual/ExternalVersionControlSystemSupport.html

I noticed that some .asset files are not listed in document, so I ignored them, but now everytime I check out a copy, the Build Settings doesn’t get saved, and I need to re-set them (I’m using Unity iPhone btw).

Should all .asset files in the library be committed?

Despite it being an old questions

With Unity 3.5 unity as introduced .meta files in Unity3d (was Unity Pro before). You must enable it in

Edit > Project Settings > Editor and switch “Version Control Mode” from “Disabled” to “Meta Files”.
This will create a .meta file for each folder and asset and make the project Version Control compatible.

Now, delete “Library” and “Temp” folders if they exist. They must not be versioned and put the on Ignore, so you don’t accidentally check them in. The Library folder will be rebuilt once you start Unity3D .