Unity and next generation consoles

this is my first post. I work as character technical director in cg movies.I thought that programming videogames was extremely hard, but after checking unity I was very exited to see that, even if it is dificult, it is not impossible.I have learn programing by myself, but as i said before, only related to cg films. I used python in maya for a couple of years now, and unity is the first software that I know that allows using it for videogames, so that great for me. That´s the first reason that made me get interested in unity.

Anyway, now my question is, will unity adapt to next gen consoles? There is unreal engine, cryteck engine that are impressive, but seems waaaay to complicated. I am not pretending to do a gear of wars game, but it would be nice to know how unity is going to face next gen.

I saw the demoreel and most of the game are “2d” platform. Also not many are used in xbox360 or ps3, and that makes me think that maybe it is because unity isn´t powerful enough? So maybe it hasn´t much future for ps4 and xbox 720? And don´t know, I am just asking.


I didn´t saw it from that point of view.
Some of unity demos show very powerful features. I love the one of the room and the Ufo, but I haven´t seen all that applied in unity games yet. I would like to see some hardcore graphic games done with unity,because in theory, it is very powerful. That´s why I thought about the future of unity with next gen console.
Time will tell I guess.