Unity and Ports : Networking

What is the port range used by Unity Networking. Actually, I am using Unity’s default State Synchronization and few RPC calls with APIs Network.InitializeServer(), Network.Instantiate(), NetworkView.RPC().

Not sure what other ports Unity uses for networking other than the one that we specify for the server to use to listen to clients.

Network.InitializeServer(32, gamePort, !Network.HavePublicAddress());

Above is the only port that is specified in code. But Unity uses few other ports as well.

Please need help on this asap.

Its masterserver.unity3d.com with port 23456 and facilitator.unity3d.com with port 50001, both UDP. Both names point to at the moment but if either or both servers are moved then the DNS names will always point to the correct IP

you can use any port number ,you specify the port in the CreateServer(…) function and can be pretty much any portnumber, well any 16-bit number anyway (its always good to check up on IANA.com, to avoid common ports) usually anywhere from 5000 to 48000 or so should be pretty “safe” port numbers.