Unity and Raycasting/collision

Is there a limit to the collision detection that can happen between two objects? I have a cube and a ball in a game im working on, controller would be the cube as you move it around and direct the balls trajectory. For some reason when i move the cube too fast it ejects from the cube then goes on its merry way. Ive tried using the new dynamic colliders in unity 3 as well as tried a raycast to stop the ball from leaving the cube. Any insight/input would be appreciated.

The only limit to the collision detection would be hardware, since colliders may hit very hard on performance. Specially mesh colliders.

And raycasting actually is your best bet.

Your question should rely mainly on the “too fast”, and there are many many questions on that already. Here’s my favourite.

In short, just use DontGoThroughThings. For more details, I’ll quote myself from there:

The problem exists even if you use continuous dynamic collision detection because fast moving objects can move so fast that they are too far apart from itself from one frame to the next immediate frame. It’s like they teleported and no collision detection would ever be triggered because no collision existed, from each frame perspective, and thus from all calculations processed.