Unity and Trackers

I've made some modules in MODPlug Tracker, but Unity doesn't directly play ITs that I've made. Unity plays them when I export them to XM, but the effects that I slapped on don't appear in XM format. PLEASE help!!!

XM isn't audio data, but more, it's instructions to the XM playback engine (like 'start playing C4' and 'stop playing E#5'). This means that playing back an XM file on different playback engines might give different results. My guess is that the effects supported by MODPlug Tracker are either not supported or use different instruction codes in Unity.

The simplest way to make sure that your music sounds exactly the same in both MODPlug and Unity is to have MODPlug render the file to WAV, and then convert that to MP3 or something for inclusion in your game.

I’ve got it!!!

You have to use MODPlug Tracker!!! The later versions have some kind of file format hack that Unity doesn’t like!