Unity and VisualBasic.Net

Hi, I love unity and all it's features and I am a VB.Net programmer and I am asking if there is any intent to support VB.Net in unity as a scripting language ...

I am not 100% sure on this but I think you can make dlls written in VB.Net that you include in your Unity project. To set your project up, reference UnityEngine.dll and start coding, make public classes extend UnityEngine.MonoBehaviour. Make sure you don't place your script in any namespace. Place your dll into a folder called "Plugins" (create one anywhere in the project view), and you should see your scripts in menu "Component/Scripts/YourScriptName".

Please, let us know how it went. :)

In short:

  • Create a new dll in VB.Net (Target framework version should be 3.5 or lower).
  • Reference UnityEngine.dll
    • Found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Unity\Editor\Data\Managed or where you installed unity.
  • Don't use namespaces for your scripts.
  • Extend UnityEngine.MonoBehaviour.
  • Make your scripts public (not internal).
  • Put compiled dll in Plugins folder.
  • Add components via Menu "Component/Scripts/..."

I'd like to see VB script support as well, however, you might be able to use an online conversion tool to help convert the code over to C# or another language for the time being.

VB.Net should be 100% convertible to C# but some converters (never saw fully working one) are faulty so that you must do something by yourself.

Vote for VB here.