Unity and Xamarin not setup correctly

So I just recently started using Unity and when I download it originally it didn’t come with Monodevelop. I had to go to their website and get it and it is called Xamarin.

Anyways, when I add a script and then try to double click to open it, Xamarin pulls up a new session, but not the script that I double clicked on. I have to browse for it and then when it opens the “using UnityEngine;” is up at the top but my code never autopopulates with things like GameObject or rigidbody stuff. The only auto stuff is just for C# in general.

So two issues here, but both deal with unity and Xamarin not communicating…I think.

Huh? The Unity installer includes the version of MonoDevelop that has been customised to work with Unity. If you have downloaded Xamarin Studio, then either remove it and make sure you have MonoDevelop from Unity, or look over the forums and see if anyone has documented how to make Xamarin Studio work with Unity.