Unity Android app crashes on S3 and Note2


This is my first time building an app for the android. I’ve kind of hit a brick wall here and I’m not sure what is wrong. I just build an app for the android. It’s basically an app with Augmented Reality. It works perfectly with S2 and HTC phones with Jelly Bean 4.0. For some reason, when I tried to test the app with S3 and Note2(Both using Jelly Bean as well), the app crashes after the splash screen. It works after opening the app the second time but still hangs after a few seconds. What I like to know is there anything that I am missing? Here’s my player settings for the app:

Minimum API Level - Android 2.2 “Froyo” (API Level 8)
Device filter - ARMv7 only
Graphics Level - OpenGL ES 2.0
Install Location - Prefer External
Internet Access - Auto
Write Access - Internal Only

Api Compatibility Level - .Net 2.0 Subset
Stripping Level - Use micro mscorlib

Hope someone can help.

See the documentation. Specifically, check the output of adb logcat.