Unity Android build missing Resources

I am building an Android game, released to Google Play in their AAB format.
I find that on downloading from Play the game seems not to have my resources in it i.e. the dynamic loading of text files, sound and prefabs fails. The resources in question are those located under Assets/Resources in my Unity project.
I have researched what little info exists online around this and it seems I am loading and referencing the resources in the correct manner, however the resources cannot be found when run from the installed AAB file.

Does anyone know how the output AAB file from the build process can be checked to see if indeed there are no resources in it? Anyone know a workaround or if this is a common issue on Unity 2018 ? (I have had problems updating my project to a newer Unity so hard to check if that fixes it) Note my project works when downloaded directly to the mobile device connected to my PC (as APK file).

I’m running into the exact same problem with my project build. I haven’t been able to find a workaround yet, but if I find something I’ll be sure to post it here.

Have there been any fixes for this?

I had the same issue, please check the following links, maybe you can solve yours too.