Unity android crash after Enter Scene on Galaxy Tab 10.1

So the game goes though the unity splash screen ( I have pro but its still there since I have not taken it out yet ) goes though in game splashes that use textures on planes as well as a transparent loading spinning circle. When the game gets to the main game scene the intro music plays but the view is still black ( dev mode text is present). After about 3 seconds the game crashes to the main android menu.
Looking at catlog it says there was a fault at :

If I build the game with DXT texture compression then it works when I use ETC Then it does not.

Read the support page

Bottom section under Android. It explains texture compatibility on different GPUs

Have you tried different OpenGL ES versions? A lot of extensions are not supported on mobile. I know there’s a page on it but I’m having trouble finding it (such is Unity documentation!!!)