Unity Android Dx11 on Dx9 GPU problem

Hello there, I have a project for android using lightmaps etc it works fine on my pc (Editor and build) (Win 7
). Now I want to build the project off of other PC (Win 8) Both Pc using Unity pro 4.5.3f3. Now In the Pc with win 8 On the toolbar for some reason it says "Android Dx11 on dx9 GPU "(On my win 7 it says just “Android”) the lights are way too bright and the build from that pc crashes on the device too.

I tried to switch to pc/standalone disable Dx11(that should not be on Android in the first place) and switch back to android but its not helping and it still says its Dx11. Any Ideas ??

Per default(?) it seems that for Android projects, OpenGL ES 2.0 emulation is activated. Disable it by setting Edit->GraphicsEmulation to “NoEmulation”.

EDIT: oh great, it seems some time around 4.5, a bug was introduced that forcibly keeps resetting this back to OpenGL ES 2.0 EACH TIME the project is opened… -.-
See hu_amao’s answer here for a workaround-hack: Set Graphics Emulation to No Emulation as Default? - Unity Answers

You might also need to experiment with the PlayerSetting “AutoGraphicsAPI” and/or manually adding/removing Open GL ES 3.0 there, to actually build correctly for a particular range of devices.

See here:

When your standalone target platform is set to use Direct3D 11, that causes the editor to run in DX11 mode too. In your case, your graphics card only supports DX9 (that’s what the “DX11 on DX9 GPU” means in the application title bar), which can cause a variety of issues - another commonly reported one is that the asset store window won’t load.

The solution you mentioned you tried should work - change target platform to standalone, disable Direct3D 11, and then switch back to Android. If this didn’t remove the DX11 from the title bar then it must not have saved the setting for some reason - can you try again?