Unity Android fetching wrong screen resolution

I am developing a puzzle game, which works fine. But for some reason, it’s fetching the wrong resolution on some devices. Which results in very unusual scaling. This is mostly noticed on 6.5-6.7 inch devices and to be very specific mostly reported on Samsung devices.

As you can see in the ss, it is reporting 810x1800 which is not my true screen resolution.

This is the true resolution of my Samsung M51. The weird this is, this popped out of nowhere. No updates or changes. Just one day, it started happening. I have tried other new projects and they work fine on my device. Only this device reports the wrong resolution. Any Idea on what might be happening?

For reference, in the M51’s Settings->Display (or similar, since Samsung changes their Settings menus with every model), is there a “Screen resolution” option there?

For example, on one of their other models of smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S7), the options listed in that category include:

  HD: 1280x720
 FHD: 1920x1080 --- (selected by default)
WQHD: 2560x1440 --- (the screen's native resolution)

While CPU-Z might be reporting the native screen resolution, the actual OS might be artificially downscaling by default.

Edit: I also suspect that it could be related somehow to DPI configurations/settings, since I’m generally accustomed to those managing to mess something up, especially if they happen to be configurable (less likely on phones, but still a nightmare for software development).