Unity Android Fire1 UI Button?

Hi UA, I have [yet] another question…
I recently updated to 5.4 and that fixed my multitouch issues, yay. I can now move around with 2 virtual joysticks on my game which is great. In the game, which is designed for tablets, There are 2 players - each uses half the screen. It is setup like chess kindof, the screen is in portrait mode and the button half is player 1 while the top half is player 2, and they sit across from eachother. The sticks work nicely, but I need help adding a button that simulates “Fire1”. Fire1 is the action button in my game, so they need to be able to press fire1. Each player has their own Fire1, P1 gets Fire1 and P2 gets Fire12. I just cant figure out how to simulate the buttons. On windows there is a custom DLL i found that lets me simulate keys, but it doesn’t work on android. Any help? Thanks community.

Has anyone been able to find a solution to this problem, I’ve been looking all over the place for a solution.