[Unity Android]Game crashes(exit to home screen) just after the "Powered by Unity" splash screen.

It happen only on my Nexus S. The game runs fine on slower device like Motorola Milestone.

I tried creating new scene with only 1 sphere object but still crashes(exit to home screen) just after the “Powered by Unity” splash screen.

I’d love to provide more info. But anyone already know a quick fix for this? I mean, only 1 sphere object in the scene and it still crashes… Obviously it’s not about the plugins I’m using. (Playmaker + NGUI + 2D Toolkit)

Thanks in advance!

I ran into that problem while integrating Unity with Eclipse, and thought i share my solution if somebody has the same issue. (I post it here because i stumbled over this thread first while looking for an solution)

When setting the default orientation to e.g “Landscape Right” in Unity, make sure that you also change it in the AndroidManifest.xml inside the Eclipse project to landscape.
Otherwise it closes instantly after the splash screen without an error.

I managed to solve this problem later on.

  1. Uninstall your unity3D.
  2. Install the latest version of unity3D.

Please note that you must not just reinstall unity3D without the uninstalling step.

In my case, All sprites i used in path:Resource/…
Hisable “Generate Mip Maps” checkbox.

Then it worked very well…
hope to help!