Unity android game crashing on high end device

I am a unity developer and have been working on a game for quite a while now. Recently I tried to test it on the Xiaomi Mi4i running MiUi v_6. However the game crashes between gameplay.

It’s surprising as the same game runs smoothly on Samsung galaxy trend, tab 2 and other low end devices while Mi4i is far better in terms of specifications. Moreover the device does not show up on adb as well (don’mt know why), so getting a crash log is not possible.

While browsing, I came across the fact that such issues exist on many adreno GPU devices however the game still runs well on Sony Experia M running on adreno, except the Mi4i.

I would be thankful if anyone can help me out in stopping the crashes.

Thanks in advance.

Can you please submit a bug report with a project attached (preferably a small project that reproduces the crash). Please don’t forget to mention the specific device you’ve been testing on. Thanks!

Fixed the issue. The crash was due to a few missing variable references.
While the other devices dint pick it up, Mi4i peculiarly picked up the error.
The game now works fine.
Thanks for the response though.