Unity Android game crashing on Huawei Devices

Hi guys :wave:

We release our Mobile title Adventurers: Mobile on 20/02/24 and we’ve received multiple complaints of crashes from players using Huawei Devices.

Below is the error message from play console:

com.RavenIllusionStudio.ADVENTURERSMOBILE <<<

  #00 pc 0x000000000064953c /data/app/com.RavenIllusionStudio.ADVENTURERSMOBILE-rZWyd9hTgvSq_Zj1D-ZmNA==/split_config.arm64_v8a.apk!libunity.so (BuildId: d707ccb04878d54a)
  #01 pc 0x0000000000750774 /system/framework/arm64/boot-framework.oat (android.os.MessageQueue.enqueueMessage+100)
  #02 pc 0x0000000000000005 

We’ve tried multiple devices but couldn’t reproduce the crash. Seems it only affects Huawei and Xaomi devices.

Please help us, this crash is really affecting our game’s rating.
Thank you.