Unity android game not working and it crashes

The game that I create works fine while building it for the PC. However it is not working while I build it for an android device.While opening the game(tried it out on a Sony Xperia with a processing speed of 1ghz) the audio is heard but there is no video and only a black screen…the game crashes after a few seconds…Can some one help me out with the step by step details to build a game for the android platform?

Sound like a texture compression issue to me, try not to over ride texture compression at build settings menu.

Well, you know the steps to build a game and run it on the device. What you need help with is knowing how to figure out the reason it crashes. This will involve looking at the log that the runtime generates. See:

specifically the section that talks about adb logcat. Post the log file that you get here if you need help learning to read what it says. It can be a bit cryptic.