Unity android huge fps drop on new devices

Hello! :slight_smile:

I’m using Unity 2019.2.21f and I have problems with some mobile devices with android +8.0. After 1-2 minutes my game has big fps drop that causes whole app to freeze. The performance isn’t a problem as I checked in a profiler and etc. additionally on older devices (with lower Android version) app runs incomparably smoother and without any crashes.

The packages that I have are Advertisement and LWRP. I tried to enable and disable any experimental functions and nothing. I don’t know what may cause the problem. There are no any script issues like infinite loops or optimization mistakes.

Ps. The game’s target api level is 30, and I use newest SDK tools.

Did you run the profiler on your PC or on the android phone? I use the Android logcat and was able to find that the images I was using in animations were too large. The game worked great on my PC, but would crash on my android phone.