Unity Android: sprites appearing as black squares

I tested my game in many devices and it runs ok, but someone who tried it in an 「Asus EeePad Transformer」 reported seeing the sprites as black squares.

I’m using SpriteManager (freely available in the Unity Wiki) to control the sprites. Basically all it does is to render the all sprites in billboards in the same mesh to save drawing calls. For the sprites, I have a 4096x4096 sprite sheet with automatic compression, using the Mobile/Particles/Alpha Blended shader.

The game is: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.stdho.lavagirl

Unfortunately I don’t have that device so I can’t debug it. Anyone has any hint/idea of why this could be happening in that specific device?

Most tablets don’t support 4096 textures (only newest ones will do). Set it to 2048 and you’re good to go. And set it to 1024 if you want to be sure it will work in any device.

I haven’t tried, but here are some pointers on how to check what your device support: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8573178/limitation-on-texture-size-android-open-gl-es-2-0

When building, what texture compression are you using?

Might be worth looking at some of the issues that arise with certain types of compression: