Unity Android versions support?

Where can I get the list of Unity software versions along with a list of their supported versions of Android (APIs)? I can’t find any official documents for this.

that’s the difference between down, up, and click. a click is a quick up/down whose time is set by the user’s settings. you can manually set a timer on down, then if the timer goes over say 0.5 seconds start the squat position. then on up, only if the timer is over say 1.0 seconds play the jump animation.

Use OnMouseDown to play an animation then OnMouseUp to activate.


using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class testSound : MonoBehaviour {

public AudioClip yourSound;

void OnMouseDown() {



Put this script on the GameObject in your hierarchy you want to touch to make a sound, go to your inspector and click the script you just put on it. Drag the sound you want to play where it says “yourSound”. Also put an audio source component on the game object. Now when you click this game object with your mouse during play mode it will make the sound you choose. Also will work on Android, haven’t test it on IOS. Keep Learning! I was going to give you in javascript as well, but you should just focus on C# early on. Good luck.