unity animation vs blender

I’m making a torpedo launcher (its a space torpedo not a sub)

basically i’d like to have the torpedo launch tube have a simple door on the end that opens and then out pops the torpedo basically because I want to reload the torpedo launcher and Since I don’t want to do a super realistic animation whereby a new torpedo is fed to the launcher i’m going to just make it appear like enough space exists that an automated loading system could reside inside and then shut the launch door and spawn another torpedo.

The door of course prevents you from seeing a magically appearing torpedo.

Should I therefore basically make 2 parts to the torpedo and have them in a different file?

Obviously I will need 2 objects, one thats the torpedo launcher and one that is the door end but do I make 2 seperate files or 1 file with 2 meshes or do I use blender animations or what? Basically this is my first attempt at a simple animation.

I would do this using two Unity Game Objects, and use Unity’s animation system. It’s really, really easy to use.

Make a Blender file with two separate meshes in it (tube and door) so it’s easy to access each one separately in Unity.

Start by selecting the object you want to animate (the door), then open up the Animation Window and take a look. If you can’t figure it out, look for some tutorials on Youtube. You don’t want to use the complex Mecanim stuff, just the basic animation tools.

If you’re comfortable with Blender, you’ll probably want to animate in that. You’ll want to have one skeleton and one mesh in your Blender file to keep from running into too many issues.

If you make a blender file with just static objects (like a tube and an end door), you can have as many as you want in one file without issue. You can then animate those in Unity’s built-in animation system, which is great for very simple animations.