Unity Animation Window - Bizarre Animation Length Bug

Somehow my custom animations are getting this weird, keyframe-less “tail” at the end, which alters the length of the animation and screws up looping! After digging through my object hierarchy, I have found absolutely NO keyframes that account for this “tail.” Weirder still, I can make the “tail” grow simply by scrubbing the timeline out to the right! Is anyone else getting this??


Really - no replies? Has anyone else even seen this before?

Its because Unitys garbage

As far as I can tell there is no way, but to delete your hard work and start again, if somebody would like to help us here, it would be much appreciated, these kind of problems make me give up on things like Unity, I mean seriously you would think there would be a working animation editor.

Here is a Script to fix this Animation Issue!

It worked for me, I’m on Unity Free 3.5.2f2!