unity animator transition keeps transitioning to beginning of animation

I have an animation tree that looks something like this:
JUMP(If whatAnimation = 3)




ANY STATE --------> Walk(If whatAnimation = 2)




 IDLE(If whatAnimation = 1)**

And some code that looks somewhat like this:

if (playerIdle) {animator.SetInteger("whatAnimation", 1);}//Transition to idle animation
if (playerWalking) {animator.SetInteger("whatAnimation", 2);}//Transition to walk animation
if (playerJumping) {animator.SetInteger("whatAnimation", 3);}//Transition to jump animation

However, when I run the code, it keeps playing the first few frames of animation over and over again when it transitions. Why does this happen, and how can I fix it?

EDIT: I actually have about a dozen more animations that are set up in a similar way to this, so that is why I don’t want to individually transition from one animation to another.

Your problem is linking everything to “any state”. “Any state” includes the actual animation.

Here’s a scenario. You are currently idle. But then, you start walking. So…

IDLE -> ANY STATE (walking == true) -> WALK

Now you are walking. But, the walk integer is still true. So…

WALK -> ANY STATE (walking == true) -> WALK

Causing the walk animation to repeat from the start.

As for a solution, the usual way is to link all animation to an “idle” animation, instead of to ANY STATE. I highly recommend doing this.

But it sounds like you might be crazy invested in connecting everything to ANY STATE. This is not impossible, to do this add a “changeAnimation” trigger to all animation conditions, and set this trigger when you want the animation state to change. Something like that might work.

Yeah! Thanks. I had the same problem. I was reading other boards and nobody had the right answer.
You’re awesome!