Unity Answers' Bounty System [Meta] [AnswerHub]

Hello Unity Community!

A long time ago, far far away… There once were bounties!

Ok, back when Unity Answers was using Stack Overflow, the more powerful users could add bounties to their questions. There would be a separate tab, where the “Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered”, and I think it was labeled bounties. Then all the users who would want some quick “Rep” (now called Karma) would try to answer a bountied question. The bountied question would somewhere say how much it was worth (This is was defined by the asker + 100 rep bonus). The accepted answer’s owner (or the owner of the most upvoted answer when no answer was accepted after a time limit) would then receive the bounty and the normal answer bonus. The asker would then lose the defined amount.

I personally, liked this system. Those who helped the community would be able to get something back. Not only that, it would give a chance to some of the newbies to get some rep/karma. I believe we were told this feature would be later implemented, but its been a while…

My questions are as follows:

  • Is this feature still planned to be a
    part of Unity Answers?
  • Does AnswerHub support this? Or was this a Stack Overflow only thing? (Ryba has answered this for me. Thank you very much!)
  • And finally, does the community even
    want this? (That means you guys! Any opinion would be useful!)

This is not meant to pressure the admin (or moderators) at all. I just want to know if we may ever get bounties once more. I personally think it would be great if we could have them back.

Thanks for reading, and for every answer. :slight_smile:


As ryba thankfully pointed out, we “seem” to be no longer using QATO as our forum provider (I don’t want to insult anyone from QATO if we in fact are still using them, perhaps AnswerHub is an extension of it or something?). He also mentioned that its possible to make some fairly extensive plugins to the site. Unfortunately, my question still remains partially unanswered.

@ryba: Since I it’s not too likely that I will get a more complete answer than yours, I probably will eventually accept your answer as the right one. hope you can settle for an upvote for now. :slight_smile:

Stackoverflow runs on Stack Exchange platform. I may be wrong, but i think thats unreleated to AnswerHub, which runs unity answers. However AnswerHub provides plugins system making it possible to write plugin for bounties.

I suppose there may be already written such a plugin somewhere on the internet, you would have to google for it, but if there isn’t, you could write that and become famous in unity answers community, if admins have agreed to use it :slight_smile:

We have a very good relationship with dZone, who host the answers site for us. If the site needs a bounty system, then we can certainly talk about this with them. There’s no reason for any of the community to try to create one. We have lots of low-hanging fruit that we are working on getting fixed at the moment, though.

AnswerHub is the new name for QATO. We switched to QATO/dZone when StackExchange switched their business model.