Unity Answers: How can I get rid of the menu area?

With the new layout, I have the incredible amount of 52% of my vertical screen real estate available for actual content, woohoo!

Please, please somebody tell me how I can get rid of all this wasted space? Or at least reduce it? Some of it (with minimal usefulness (=displaying my user name…again…and a logout button) can’t even be scrolled away, is permanently visible, and uses up more than 50 pixels, although the negligible content in there uses a mere 15 pixels (which is still too much).

You want to make it go away? I know a way that will make it go away.

Open your console. In chrome that means right click “inspect element” to open the dev console, and for IE hit f12. For firefox use firebug. Click the console tab in your respective dev console.


paste that into your dev console and hit enter. Voila. Gone. Enjoy your fifty pixels.

Wanna get rid of both that and the other menu bar? no problem.

('#unity-menu').hide(); (‘#udn-header’).hide();

YEEEHAW! paste that in your console and hit enter. Its a pixel rodeo, and you’re the cowboy!

Hi Guys.
As one of the persons in the web team, I can assure you that the team are working overtime to fixing all the bugs and Header issues.

We are planing for some smaller changes today.

I can’t promise you that we will remove the complete headers, as it is part of the overall theme. and to make it better to jump between the community pages. But we note all your feedback and will take all in to considerations.


If you use the Firefox, the easiest way would be to create a Greasemonkey script that hides / removes the unwanted elements automatically for UA.

You could also use a local webproxy with html filters like proxomitron.

The web team is aware of this issue. I can’t promise it will be fixed straight away, but it’s on their list.

You can not get rid of it unluckily.

Thats the new Unity Developer Network bar which is just there.
Interesting enough there seems to be jquery function that can hide it but it has no ‘user exposure’ in any form and is likely triggered by stuff like the Unity 4 promo on the frontpage.

I’ve the hope that they are going to move the ‘answers - board - feedback’ link as well as support, documentation and resources INTO this bar instead of hiding them on the top navigation. That or that they add a possibility to let it vanish in the top like the login - license area on stonetrip.com works