Unity API Reference not working in external browser for Visual Studio

I am trying to get the API documentation to open up from Visual Studio in Chrome, I have ticked "Use External Browser" in the options but it still continues to open it within Visual Studio. I have set defaults for the files as Chrome within Windows and then again within the Visual Studio Explorer. I have removed and reinstalled Tools for Unity as well as running it all as an Admin.

VS Version: Visual Studio 2015 Professional
Unity Version: Unity Personal 5.5.0f3

Can anyone please help? This is an awesome feature that I would love to take advantage of.


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I'll ask the docs team and see if any of them have seen/had the same problem. Not something I've ever looked at - more of a macOS user.

I'm having the same problem.

Me too. Just installed everything on Windows 10. The drop down from the Help menu shows two shortcuts:
Ctrl+Alt+M, Ctrl+H
Neither work :(

Update: Customized my toolbar to display the icon for API help. One click now using the mouse, and easier than a keyboard command IMHO :)

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Both shortcut needs to be combined.
Ctrl+Alt+M and then... Ctrl+H

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