Unity APK size much higher than Resources used in it?

I am working with unity 4.0 and my 2d game is almost completed, and ready to upload on Google Play Store but problem is apk size is more than higher as per used all Assets my total size of all Assets is 10.7 MB and Final APK size is 17.0 MB so i can’t understand how it happens…

Any help will be appreciated…Thanks in advance.

Hi …Abhi Patel

Well you might have observed while writing basic code in C (turbo C as beginner ) that you write 10 lines but compiled lines were around 4000 same is in case of unity.

Build of your game comprises of Unity Library Files required to support many platforms and much more.So build size increases. Just try building an empty project it will be around 7-8 MB.

So don’t worry Upload your build n hope for good.

Good Luck!!!

There are many reason but here are 2 of the biggest / most probable:

  1. The unity player takes at least about 8 MB depending on the mobile platform used. Even an APK with just an empty scene takes that much space.

  2. The images you put into your project as, let’s say PNGs, don’t actually get stored into the APK as packed PNGs. When you work with images in Unity, the image import settings are the thing that defines how much space an image will take in the build.
    For example an ARGB 32 bit 2048x2048 texture atlas can be a 0.5MB PNG on your hard drive, but (as Unity inspector view will tell you), it can take up to 16MB of space in the build without packing. An APK is a compressed package itself though, so even if the images are not compressed, the APK won’t grow 16MB with each atlas

the rest is the engine and other andriod requirements to run the app.

I know having the smallest apk possible is always nicer for the user and their data plan.

But from a selfish dev point of view, you can go up to 50MB for the Google Play Store.

It would allow you to have higher resolution UI/Sprites/Ressources and blow the user’s mind.