Unity app content to large. how to use cloud?


we are creating an app for iOS and Android with augmented reality.
the app size is around 500 mb and we want to add in custom content. so the app tend to get larger in the future.
i know there is a way to put content on the cloud and then call it through scripts.
i am a noob at scripting but i am learning. we have looked into cloud solutions like Kii and Parse but they are way to complex. Is there something that works with unity that lets you put content on their cloud more easily?
like a WYSIWYG system. it doesnt have to have all sort of options the others have. no multiplayer support.
just simple cloud solution so that the large content can be stored and called from iOS and android in the app.
I have also looked into cdn but then you have to work with assetbundles i guess.
we are searching for the most easy solution ever.

hope anyone can guide us in the right direction
THnx in advance


may be a good starting point unity docs for asset bundles and scene loading:

With this you can easly add any progressive resource loading (no script) to your mobile app.
It's up to you provide bundle files from a simple hosting or a complex cloud architecture.


Hi Kenshin,
Thnx for your reply.
Can you load levels with the "Application.LoadLevel" from for instance. the internet?
it doesnt really say in the doc.
And the assetbundle dont work great with iOS and Android.
This means that i have to create multiple assetbundles for both iOS and Android.
Is there any easier solution to this?
Thnx in advance.