Unity app crashes in android but not in Editor

There is this one scene that represents a level of the game, and when the user enters that scene, it will crash the whole app.

The app works fine in Editor… but only crashes in android. I have tested this app on another phone, it also crashes itself.

I used adb and chkbugreport to see what’s the problem…
Here are the screenshots i took in chkbugreport:

The scene contains 3d terrain and trees, 2d sprites for players and enemies. The 2D sprites uses a custom shader while the 3D models uses Standard materials.

This is my first time encountering a crash on my mobile app, usually if there’s something wrong in the editor. It will state the error in the console log.

I changed the standard shaders to mobile/diffuse
disabled the casting shadows on directional light.

the app stopped crashing on the android device.
I hope it won’t crash again…