Unity App Keeps Jumping into the Foreground 2020.3.2f1

Unity keeps compiling and jumping into the foreground while I am writing code. Is there a workaround?

Can I get Unity to stop compiling in the background? I hate it.

The Recompile and Continue option crashes the game when I edit a source file LOL. I am not sure how Unity managed to come up with that. Pretty imaginative!

I wish it would just compile and run when I hit the play button. But I guess that would be too simple?

Or just stop compiling altogether and give me a compile button! Jeezis.

What a piece of shit.

It would also be nice to fix a few compile errors at a time.

But NO!!! We’re Unity! We’re way too smart for that. We have a better way!

Fix ONE compile error at a time. Every time you try to look at the next compile error you get to take a little break while it recompiles!