Unity app work in editor play normal, but in Android it jumps to end of the game instant?

Hi guys. I build some quiz app for movies. App is on google play and it had 5 successful updates with no problems. Today I incorporated admob ads and send updated version in the air. Problem is that aplication on the android is jumping strait to part of End Quiz function… It is like passing whole code and go strait to end. In Editor it work normal but on the phone every start, restart, quit, retry, just jump to function that aint suposed to… Is there any known problem with building aab or apk that result in this behaviour of the app. App name is ‘Filmophilia’

put log in every panel starting condition which you made for it and also at where you feel to having a bug.
With help of log viewer you can check logs which you show in console window there you I face this problem 2 3 times and its work ,Maybe yours to