Unity ArCore support XR settings enable at Runtime in Android UnityPlayer

I am adding UnityPlayer insided Android View. I am trying to use 2 different scenes for AR in Unity. Scene : 1 => Welcome screen to decide,device supports ARCore Scene : 2 => If device supports ARCore, launch ARcore scene from my Android Activity Scene : 3 => If device not supports ARCore,launch Vuforia scene from my Android Activity

So,for scene 1, I need to enable ARCore Supported in XR Settings For scene 2,I need to enable Vuforia Augmented Reality Supported in XR settings Not able to enable both options. So is it possible to set these options at runtime,before launching Unity Player from my Activity?

I would like to one up this question. Given that arcore isn't widely supported (yet) and we can't publish separate builds for arcore supported and non supported devices, its absolutely essential to be able to choose a path through your app depending on arcore support being present or not. This situation is perfectly workable on iOS with ARKit and Vuforia, but can't currently be done on android because vuforia and arcore are both integrated as XR devices and therefore can't both be enabled.

Will this be addressed in the future?