Unity asks to check external application preferences when importing a model, i have little to no clue on what it wants.


Been jumping around google for days trying to find a solution, but i can’t find a straight answer to the problem. I’ve tried reinstalling unity, downloading other 3D modeling softwares, messing with unity and blender/maya preferences but nothing worked. So maybe i am missing something and maybe someone here can help and i would be very grateful i the last were true.

Right click the .fbx file from asset folder and reveal in finder and quit unity. From finder open the file in maya or blender (open with the application where that particular object is created), once it opened in maya/blender export it again as .fbx and re-import it to unity and check whether animation is playing fine and asset displaying fine in the scene as desired.


Its Very Easy Bro Just Right Click On Blender > Open File Location > Copy Where Is It. Now Right Click On File You Want To Make Use On Unity Or Any Application > Properties > Click On Change > Now Just Select Blender If Its Not Showing Then Click On Browse And Paste The Location Of Blender > Then Just Simply Click On Blender Icon Or Blender.exe etc. An Blender Will Shown To Be Selected Just Select It And Click On Apply That’s It Not only This File All The Files Are Now Good To Go