Unity Asset Declined - Too Simple?

So I am on here yet again asking for advice with my assets… I recently uploaded an asset to be reviewed for submission and I got an email back saying that my asset was too simple… What does that even mean? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am trying very hard to get my models out there.

Pictures of my asset can be found here: http://blacklightsnowstorms.weebly.com/gallery.html

It is the second one, Dragon Girl. My first model also got declined, and I would say that I have made a huge leap between the two… Thanks again in advance, everybody. Cheers.

If something can be rejected for being too simple then one of the criteria must be that it is complex enough. Most (though not all) of the times when people use criteria with the word “enough” in it, evaluation of the criterion requires a subjective value judgement. This has to be at least as true with something like art as it would be with some code.

So the real question is “what is the value judgement being applied, here”. Keep in mind that the following is the opinion of a non-artist.

I think it’s probably whether or not the models are convincing for their intended purpose. The angles and edges are too visible to allow someone to suspend their disbelief, as one would expect for a high-resolution model. Yet, they are too subdued and blended to be “cute” or “low-poly” solutions. If might be an expression of the same underlying psychological force that creates the uncanny valley.

That’s the opinion of a software developer who buys all his artistic assets and treats UI skins like they are just another interchangeable component to plug in to his systems. So take it with a grain of salt.