Unity Asset Server Grayed Out

I know this question has been asked a hundred times but after a couple of hours trying to figure it out we weren’t able to. I own unity 4 pro, my partner bought unity 4 pro right before 5 came out, and got the free upgrade to unity 5 pro. We are developing in 4.6.4. We have installed the Asset Server 2.0.1 on each of our work machines and also on my laptop which we were planning on using as the actual server. All 3 machines have unity 4.6.4 installed and are running windows 7 64bit.

Our issue is that the edit > project settings > editor > version control option for asset server is grayed out, as is the window > version control option. We have restarted unity, have the server on and running, everything we can think of. To our knowledge we seem to have the team license, because it is included in unity pro now, though I’m not 100% sure that’s accurate for our situation.

As @aclee said you should contact your unity saleperson and ask if you have the Team license included in your unity pro key.

Unless you are using unity 5 pro, teamlicene is required for using the asset server (in unity 5 pro it’s included).