Unity Asset Store Not Working

Hi guys,

well whenever I try to launch my unity asset store i get a window saying that I am offline when I am clearly connected to internet. it looks something like the attached image, does anyone know how to fix this problem I’ve tried everything from messing with my anti virus settings to uninstalling windows updates. nothing seems to work?

Hey niteryder1,
It seems that the problem isn’t on your computer. Sometime, it happens that the Unity asset store is offline, but that it will be up and running again after a while. All you can do is wait, and try again after a couple of hours. I hope your problem gets solved soon, and you can start creating games again in no time. If the problem keeps occurirng, you can always access the asset store with this link: https://kharma.unity3d.com/, and then click “open in Unity”.
Good luck!


I fixed this exact problem by logging into my unity account on their website. Then saved my UNITY project work, exited, and re-opened.

It may have been a coincidence, but it definitely wasn’t a long wait time.